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Best 3 Merax Gaming Chairs

The gaming industry has come a long way. Now, any gamer can have simple setups where they can play their games without any interruption whatsoever. In the past, games were mostly available at game stores in the form of arcade games. These types of games lacked two of the basic features for entertainment; convenience and comfort. Standing for hours is undoubtedly taxing on the human body. The fact that people had to go to different stores for different types of games whenever they wanted to play also seems very inconvenient and time-consuming.

Modern Games

In modern times, technology has now advanced so much that people can bring the games home. This requires a particular setup where a person needs a computer system, a table, and one of the most important components of gaming from home, a gaming chair.

Gaming Chairs

Comfort is the primary purpose of a gaming chair. Some amateur gamers think that they can last for hours on a random, uncomfortable chair without any repercussions, but that is not true. Say, for example, you are in an Esports competition. These competitions last for hours at an end, and it can be very physically straining, and perhaps even dangerous, for gamers to sit for so long on an uncomfortable chair. Not just that, a gaming chair has to be compatible with your setups so that you can use it to your advantage when playing.

Even if you do not plan on taking part in an Esports competition, you still need to have quality gaming chairs to have a good time when playing your favourite games.

There are thousands of different types of gaming chairs available for purchase, but only a few have a good reputation among the video gaming customer base. Here are a couple of features that are important for any basic gaming chair and are listed below:

  1. A gaming chair must have soft padding such that the frame does not make direct contact with your body at all.

  2. The frame should be made of strong materials such as metals or other different types of alloys capable of withstanding large amounts of weight.

  3. A gaming chair should have movement features such as height adjustment and back adjustment so that users can set their chairs according to their bodily comfort.

The best examples of such chairs are known as Merax gaming chairs, which are capable of providing customers with the best features and durability while preserving comfort.

Merax Gaming Chairs Review

Merax gaming chairs provide a simple price to feature ratio to cater to gamers as much as possible without driving the cost too high. Here are a couple of chairs that live up to the standards of quality gaming chairs:

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1. Merax - Reclining Chair for Video Games

The Merax reclining gaming chair is one of the best examples of the most feature-rich gaming chairs available on the market. It is a Merax high-back gaming chair with so many features that it can be used as the ultimate gaming chair for the most grueling gaming events in the world. It has compartments for food and beverages to provide the best experience.

The chair comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar support. The footrest can also be flipped up for comfort. There are different types of levers that operate the multiple features of the chair.

Here are a few pros and cons for the Merax high back gaming chair:


  • It has an adjustable headrest and lumbar cushion for maximum comfort.

  • The chair can recline up to a great extent – around 90 degrees to 135 degrees.

  • It comes with compartments that can be used to store all kinds of materials such as mobiles, drinks, food, etc.

  • It has soft padding all over the structure, eliminating any chance of body contact with the internal frame.

  • The internal frame is made of alloy steel, which ensures the structural integrity of the merax gaming chair.

  • The chair is also covered with extremely comfortable fabric.


  • It is heavy and hard to move around.

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2. Merax Gaming Desk Chair

The Merax gaming desk chair is designed to be used specifically as a comfortable chair for Esports competitions. Gaming systems are heavy, and pretty much every system requires a desk to go along with it. Not many gaming chairs are compatible with large desks for computer systems. The very enormity of these desks makes it difficult to maneuver around them. This is why the merax gaming desk chair was designed. It has special features that allow it to move around the desk for quick reflex actions during a gaming competition.

The chair comes with cotton padding on the seat for maximum comfort and has a 360 degrees swivel. The merax gaming chair contains high-quality and skin-friendly leather that does not wear and tear easily. Its high-density cushions sponges also ensure durability.


  • It has adjustable switches and levers to change the position of the chair when it is still.

  • It has wheels attached to its legs that allow users to move around the desk setup to grab something without having to get up and ruin the gameplay.

  • The chair can be tilted and then locked into a comfortable position.

  • Comfortable and sturdy handrails to place your arms on.


  • It does not have a padded back, which risks direct body contact with the frame of the chair.

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3. Merax - Adjustable Folding Sofa

This Merax sofa chair is one of the best examples of the gaming chairs available on the international marketplace. Conventional gaming chairs do not usually use the floor chair type because it is difficult to perfect. However, the Merax sofa chair is the implementation of a gaming sofa chair with great features. It is comfortable due to its heavy padding, and it can last a lot longer than many other types of gaming sofa chairs.

The materials used for the construction of this sofa are high-grade fabrics and soft foam that can withstand the stress of daily use. This is a Merax floor chair for home gaming.

Here are a few pros and cons of the Merax gaming chair blue:


  • It is a sofa chair with soft padding to ensure zero contact with the frame of the chair.

  • It comes with a soft footrest so that the user's feet do not get sore after heavy gaming.

  • It has a metal frame to ensure the structural integrity of the entire sofa.

  • The chair is also foldable, which allows a lot of space to be saved.


  • Even though it has soft padding, the sofa chair has to be laid on the ground. It is not exactly for extreme competitive gaming. It is much better for home gaming setups.


This Merax gaming chair review is for gamers who take the art of gaming very seriously and take part in gaming competitions. The Merax gaming chair can be used for gaming competitions if they are held online.

In the end, this Merax gaming chair review is intended as a guide for those who take part in gaming events and want to be as comfortable as possible so that they are not interrupted during a live event.